Railway Sale

After 14 very happy years we have decided to put the railway up for sale, we are both over 70 and would like to retire while we still have the energy to do other things.

If you have come to this page you will already know something about our railway, where it is and how it is run on a daily basis, the stock and locomotives.

Included in the sale will be Charles and the five coach set, along with the track, stations, turntables, water tower and every thing necessary to operate.
This would give you a working railway but also for sale will be a pair of trams, a Rio Grande locomotive (Almost completed after a total rebuild, including engine, hydraulic pumps and motors and wheel sets etc) and No44 Darjeeling Steam locomotive.

We run on average about 120 days per year from 11.30 – 4.30, however there are no restrictions and we could operate 365 days of the year from dawn to dusk, we work on a part time basis that gives us a good return, but you could work full time if you wanted too, the potential is there if you want it.

If you think that this is for you, please email or telephone to speak to either David or Sandra
Email:- stationmaster@ferrymeadowsrailway.co.uk
Telephone:- 01933 398 889

If you want to have a look at the railway please do so, but don’t ask us to talk to you between 11.00 – 5.00 on operating days, we are not being rude but we just wouldn’t have the time to talk while dealing with passengers.

Site updated: 23 September 2021